Hello and welcome to my 'about' page.

I was born and raised in leafy North London, England, UK.

From a very young age I was drawn to dance, drama, and singing.  
At 10 I won scholarships for both the Royal Ballet School and Arts Educational Schools.   
Before graduating at 18, I was offered a dance/singing contract that took me all over the world for the next 4 years.
This is when I found my wanderlust (it's never left).

When I returned to the UK, I studied drama at The Actors Centre, and started working on commercials, films and TV shows. 
I also signed to 3 modelling agencies and did hundreds of photographic jobs, including all the Lottery campaign posters.

Singing completely took over in my 30’s - I was busy as a session singer and touring backing vocalist, and out of the blue found myself signed to Sony as a dance artist.  
Within weeks I was being driven all around the country, promoting singles and filming pop videos (that ended up on the huge screens in Top Shop, Oxford Street and on MTV).

One day, in a session where I was providing vocals for a Disney children’s project, the director asked if I could also record the voices for a princess and a billy goat.
My voiceover career started there and then - I was totally hooked. 

I'm inspired by creative people - animators, directors, artists, performers.…  
I grew up watching animation shows and films, musicals and 'making of' documentaries. I still love the journey this business take me on.   

When I'm standing in a studio, creating the voice for a character, or recording vocals for a track, I’m instantly transported to another world. 
I'm grateful for the variety of work I experience as a singer, voice artist and actor, and the people I get to work with and learn from.   

Other than using my voice for good not evil, I love spending time with our children, (and directing them in the studio), fitness walking, doing yoga, song writing, watching anything involving David Attenborough, photography, fostering rescue puppies, and meeting new people.

Before lockdown my other favourite things to do would be discovering gorgeous cafes in London and further afield, going to the cinema, travelling, staying in quality hotels, finding gorgeous roof top swimming pools and beaches, and having dinner parties where everyone ends up singing... 

One of the proudest moments in my voice career was recently winning Voice Artist Of The Year 2020 as well as Best Demo (which I self produced).

I've received 14 nominations at the One Voice Awards in 2018, 2019 and 2020.
Although the work is the reward, being recognised for your hard graft and dedication is very gratifying!

Wherever you are, whatever you're doing... I wish you a really great day.

Lisa x