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For voice work I'm represented by:
Tel: +44 (0)7702 228185

For acting/photographics I'm represented by:
Features Agency
Call Jenni on
Mob: + 44 (0) 7867 876 594


Motion Capture (MoCap Vaults)
Hand Gun and Air Rifle (IDFight and EJChurchill)
Dance, Singing, Acting (Arts Ed and Actors Centre)
Full driving licence (UK)
Hula hoop
Fully qualified gym instructor (YMCA)
Yoga, Pilates, Swimming
Horse Riding (7 years)
Cycling and Mountain Biking (Lee Valley Velodrome)
Roller Skating (4 years)
Gardening and Basic Car Mechanic skills

Studio setup

We have just upgraded both the voice studio and music studio at our home in North London, UK 
We are 25 minutes into Central London.

For latest (upgraded) studio equipment list and description, please contact voice agent.



Within the room is a tailor-made soundproofed booth, easily large enough for 2 people to record in.

I have a camera (HD) and I connect with clients via the following:
CleanFeed, Skype, Zoom, ipDTL and Source Connect Now (Standard with an hours notice)
Always happy to discuss other ways too.

I can send any samples quickly from files, or record specific samples and send anytime.

Both our children voice regularly too.
Alex (boy 13) and Maya (girl 19) - see their own page on this website.
They’re professional actors as well (managed by Features, London).

We also have a large music recording studio at the bottom of our garden, where I provide vocals, and my husband and I write/record music for TV, radio, film.

See 'Lisa Law' on Spotify/iTunes 
James' site: 

We're always happy to help with VO, music, editing, direction, and vocals.

Email me here