Source Connect Standard Studio Info:  

The studio has a desk and KRK speakers, running Logic Pro.  

Within the room is a tailor-made soundproofed booth, 
large enough for 2 or 3 people to record in (I record both my kids in here regularly).  

I have a camera (HD) and I connect with clients via the following:  
Source Connect Standard, CleanFeed, Skype, Zoom, ipDTL. 
Always happy to discuss other ways too.  


Microphones:  Sennheiser MK4 and Audio Technica AT4033  

Headphones:  DT 770 Pro Limited Editions x2 

Audio Hardware:  Golden Age Pre 73 into Scarlett 2i2 Interface  

Recording software:  Logic X 10.4.2  

Computer Specs:  Mac Mini - Intel Core i5 - 2.6 GHz - 8 GB  

Operating system:  10.13.6 (High Sierra)  

I can send any samples quickly from files, or record specific samples and send anytime.  

Both our children voice regularly too. 
Alex (boy 10) and Maya (girl 16) - on my website with their own page. 

They're professional actors as well, represented by A&J Artists, London.  

We also have a music recording studio at the bottom of our garden, where I provide vocals,  
and my husband and I write/record music for TV, radio, film.   

'Lisa Law' on Spotify/iTunes and husbands site:  

We're happy to help with VO, music, editing, direction, or vocals - call anytime.


Here's a sample from my studio: